A Name To Remember

A Name To Remember

European Poker Stars Confront Cyber Crime


JenKyllönenEuropean poker stars have gotten a unique perspective on cybertheft. It began when European Poker Tour player Jen Kyllönen became suspicious that he was the victim of a cybercrime. It developed that both Kyllonen and fellow tour member Henri Jaakkola were victims.

It began when Kyllonen discovered his laptop missing from his hotel room. After a frantic search, the device was mysteriously returned. It turns out this seemingly good deed had a twist: Kyllonen’s laptop had been infected with a trojan. Trojans are viruses that allow outside access to a person’s computer, allowing others to view the laptop screen and track all activities on the computer.

Cyber-security specialists at F Secure in Helsinki Finland confirmed the malicious attack. According to F Secure experts, the stolen computers had Remote Access Trojan installed, which would reveal the poker players’ cards whenever they played online.

In Kyllonen’s case, the thieves were especially persistent. After their first attempt to load the trojan failed, the computer vanished again, and apparently reinstalled. In fact, it was the continued laptop vanishing acts that fired Kyllonen’s suspicions.

Kyllonen was staying at a hotel during the Barcelona poker tour event when the theft and return occurred. Kyllonen returned to his room to find his laptop missing. This was of great concern to him, since he both uses the laptop to play online and to store his playing records. After a thorough search Kyllonen left his room to see if anyone had borrowed the laptop. When he returned, the computer was back in his room.

The first trojan attempt apparently failed, however, as Kyllonen could not boot the computer. While he was reporting this to hotel staff, the computer disappeared again. And once more, it was returned. This time, it seemed to function normally, but Kyllonen was convinced this was more than a prank, and sought help from security specialists.

Given the large dollar amounts that most professional players wager, it seems possible that the thieves could have massive sums if their plans had worked. As it is, poker players now need to be more on guard than ever, in order to protect their laptops and their bankrolls.

The Platin Casino is Making a Splash

The Platin Casino is relatively new in the world of online gambling, making its arrival on the scene less than one year ago. However, it looks like this gambling platform is here to stay. Thanks to an exciting assortment of games, great rewards, and the ability to reach out to many different nationalities, this is definitely a hot spot.

The Platin Has Gone Czech
The Platin Casino has just turned up the excitement a notch by broadening its horizons.The customer comes first and the way that this casino stands above the rest Czech is by excellent service. In addition to providing helpful representatives at any time there is a need, the Platin has expanded its services by providing staff members who actually speak Czech. This means breaking down the barriers for another region of the world, opening up online gambling and providing easier access for the action.

The Platin Knows What’s Sizzling
First rate customer service is not the only advantage that comes with the Platin Casino. It is the eclectic selection of games that is bringing more and more players in on a regular basis. Participants can always dabble in the classics, like poker, roulette, blackjack, and craps. Other attractions include HD games in 3D from the creators at Sheriff Gaming and FULL HD games that are courtesy of Merkur Gauselman. One of the greatest attractions that keep gamblers coming back is the concept of a risk ladder in many of the games. The risk ladder means the stakes are higher as playing continues. However, there is always the incentive of greater rewards that makes the games even more enticing.

The Loyalty Rewards Program is a Major Plus
The Platin Casino has figured out the whole package. It’s all about great gaming opportunities, excellence in service, and a loyalty rewards program that will keep players coming back for more. When players engage in online gambling with real cash at the Platin, they’ll always earn loyalty reward points. Win or lose, they’ll walk away with points that can eventually be cashed in for actual money.

Place Your Bets: Is Steve Wynn Planning “Wynn New Jersey”?

Steve Wynn, the renowned businessman credited with holding a pivotal role in the revival of the Law Vegas strip, is rumored to be actively working to expand into internet gambling in New Jersey.

Wynn, responsible for such enterprises as the Golden Nugget, The Mirage, Bellagio and Wynn, is one of the best-known figures in the gambling industry. Wynn is celebrated for creating unique gambling establishments such as The Mirage, a South Seas’ themed casino famous for its erupting volcano. The dancing ‘Fountains of Bellagio’ draw visitors to witness the shooting fountains that are choreographed to music. Wynn just applied for an online gambling license in New Jersey, drawing speculation that he is attempting to get in on the ground floor of the New Jersey online gambling business.

Atlantic City Casino

New Jersey’s Atlantic City has reported steady declines in income and jobs for the past several years, presumably due to the availability of online gambling in other states. With the signing of the bill legalizing internet gambling, New Jersey should see an increase in tax revenue on the online gambling profits. In addition, the passage of the bill should energize Atlantic City casinos and increase casino jobs. Gamblers must register at an Atlantic City casino in order to participate in the planned online gambling. Other states that have legalized internet gambling include Delaware, Louisiana and Nevada.

The Atlantic City casinos must choose an online gaming company to manage the wagers between the casinos and internet gamblers. There are currently 12 casinos in Atlantic City. As of August 8, nine had announced the online gaming companies they had negotiated contracts with; the other three casinos have not yet announced their online gambling partners. Wynn formerly owned one of the casinos in Atlantic City, originally called the Golden Nugget. He does not own any of the casinos in Atlantic City at present, which makes his move to obtain an online gambling license odd, to say the least: New Jersey’s gambling regulations only issue online operator licenses to businesses that own physical casinos in Atlantic City.

Speculation will continue until an announcement is made that explains Wynn’s move to apply for an online gambling license.