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London Based Nektan Acquires Gambling License for Ireland

Nektan LondonCEO of Nektan, David Gosen recently announced that his firm had made a request to provide remote betting facilities to Irish residents, and the request has been accepted. Gibraltar based Nektan Plc has obtained this license to comply with new betting regulations of Ireland that have been enforced since August 2015. Obtaining this license is a part of Nektan’s long term expansion plans as it was among the earliest gaming firms to set shop in Ireland and has grown its operations and invested a sizable amount since then.

New amendment in Ireland’s betting laws

According to recent amendment of 2015 made in Ireland’s gaming laws several changes have been made in regulations surrounding grant of gambling and betting licenses to private operators within the nation and those operating from remote locations that accept Irish betters. To ensure that its citizens are not fleeced by offshore gambling firms, Ireland’s gambling regulation authority has made it mandatory for all betting and gambling firms accepting bets from Irish citizens to obtain license by August 2015, failing which they will not be able to operate in the nation. Nektan has also admitted £ 10,000,000 series A of Fixed Rate Secured Convertible Loan Notes for 2020 to List of Channel Islands Securities Exchange Authority which has been sponsored by Hatstone Listing Services Limited.

Nektan’s Financial Performance

During June of 2015, Nektan’s spokesperson stated that it will present its financial results for the year in September as its financial year ended on June 30th. Nektan also stated that the gaming revenue of Nextan after tax is likely to be around £0.5 million while actual revenue from money based gaming will be £ 0.2 million after adjustment of EBITDA losses of around £ 5.5 million. Nektan is a Gibraltar registered gaming firm that is regulated by Gambling Commission of UK that develops content for mobile gaming and offers customers an trendy gaming platform called Evolve.

Have you Heard yet? Casino Bonuses have just got Fatter!

For years, to attract new players and help the gamers sitting on the fence make up their minds, online casinos have used bonuses as the most effective tool. These casino bonuses are meant to help players get going in the gaming ensemble, allowing them some added cash to play with till they are able to find their feet.

bigger casino bonuses

These bonuses serve two purposes. The first and the foremost goal is to facilitate the user experience, especially for the new gamers. The second purpose, more of a business tactic, is to get new users engaged through goodwill. It’s a common practice in online gambling to offer bonuses up to 100% and sometimes even 200% of the loading amount.

Here are some of the best bonus offers by reputed online casinos.

Club 777

Operated by famous Mansion Casinos, Club 777 is a leading provider of live tables and live roulette gaming services, among other. Presently, Club 777 offers a flat 100% bonus for all registrants from Europe. Also, there are referral bonuses leading up to 150% for the referrer and 100% for the referred. The minimum wager amount for this bonus is €150.

Winner Casino

Operating throughout Europe and Canada, Winner Online Casino is a leading online casino brand that complements the offline establishments under the same name. With a new account registration from Canada or Europe, a bonus of flat €50 is added to the user’s account (minimum loading amount being €40). You can also get up to 200% bonuses if any one of your five initial loading amounts exceeds €300.

Prowling Panther Slot Review

Game creator IGT is recognized for making jungle-themed slot games for its fans and the company has maintained its reputation with its Prowling Panther game. This latest addition to its feline-themed slot games – which include Siberian Storms, Kitty Glitter and Cats – is more elegant and mysterious than the others. The big black and golden panthers are hidden in the green jungle with other creatures of the wild like parrots and toucans and appear along with symbols like A, Q, J, K and 10 across five reels. IGT has designed its beautiful wild jungle slot game Prowling Panther in an exciting way as players get multipliers on different reels that are represented as 2X symbol with plenty of opportunity hidden in the wilderness.

Prowling Panther Slot

Finding winning combination at Wild Panther Slot

Since this game is also available as live slots on casinos and is very popular, it prompted its creator to create an online version of it so people could play for free or for real money which gives them 720 winning combinations through Multiway Xtra feature. While numbers like 3, 4, 5 keep the winning low at few dollars while additional multipliers with diamond shaped reels gives players the chance to play more and win more.

Free spins and jackpots

Though the base game has some impressive amounts which can be won by 55x and even 120x the free slots are the ones which give big amounts. To get 8 free spins you have to get five golden panthers on subsequent reels which when combined with lucky symbols can get you more free spins. The best advantage you will have with prowling panther is that it pays both ways and players can make several winning combinations. The game allows penny bets and you can win by even placing a bet of $0.50 per spin or lay a maximum bet of $1500. Its base jackpot offers winners around 50,000 coins while free spins allow players to earn much more.

IRS Proposes Lower Tax Deduction from Gambling

IRS to lower tax deduction from gamblingTo reduce casual gambling, which can slowly turn into a habit and addiction, the IRS has proposed to lower the amount that would trigger tax on income earned from gambling. While earlier the minimum amount for taxes was at $1200 now it will be at $600 and winner has to report it on W2G, which has to be included in their annual tax returns. Previous limit of $1200 on wins from video poker and slots was set up by IRS in 1977, and since then it has not been reviewed. As the value of $ 1200 is now $ 4627 the IRS has proposed this change which makes it burdensome on both casinos and players.


Effect on players of slots and video poker

This will be detrimental to $1 slot machines as these require several coins for the three bonus jackpot to come through and any wild pays above $600 would trigger a tax form. With larger reel slots of five or ten would become worse and player would have to stop the game in between spins to file a form if they are moving forward on progressive wins. As for video poker player a royal flush on $.25, game which may bring on a win with games like Deuces Wild, Joker Poker or even Double Bonus would have to be reported.


Opposition from gaming industry

Casinos across Vegas, Florida, New Jersey and other locations that thrive on slot casinos are protesting against this law. Besides filling up the tiresome tax form, now the casinos will have to employ people and machines to keep track of players’ activities and hand out tax forms when required. The technical aspect will also bring in lesser tourists as they would not like to go through tax process. This limit of $600 on both video and slots has increased the paperwork required from each customer in the casino. Casinos in United States fear that if this continues than people from Canada will stop coming to United States to play these games and locals might travel to Vancouver for gambling.

Generous Keno Winner Shares Prize Money with Employer

When Valerie Ballantyne gave Keno 8-Spot tickets to her employees as a gesture of goodwill for working during Rose Bowl game, little did she think that it would win her $ 30000. As the owner of Hitchin’ Post Pizza in Estacada, Valerie had plenty of orders to delivery on the Rose Bowl match day and requested her staff to work. When four of them complied, including bar manager Jonathon Davis, she bought Keno tickets for all of them and jokingly stated that they would have to split the prize with her if any of them won the jackpot.


Keno 8-Spot tickets


 Lucky employer

During the first week of Jan 2015 when Keno results were being announced Jonathan Davis was surprised to see his ticket’s numbers appearing as the winning combination for the jackpot. As promised, he shared the prize amount with his employer as she had bought the ticket. The Oregon-based Keno tickets selling branch announced that both Davis and Ballantyne took home around $30000 each after payment of taxes. Though her employees were a little sceptical of winning anything, Valerie Ballantyne was enthusiastic and had a feeling that he would win.


Keno 8-Spot lottery

When asked about how both of them plan to spend the money, Jonathan proudly replied that he would be buying a long due Playstation 4 for himself and family while Valerie demurely stated that the money would go into business. In the Keno 8-Spot lottery, players know their prize amount only when they collect it, as jackpot bonus grows with each draw until a winner is announced. Oregon Lottery proceeds are used for social activities like economic development, and funding educational projects. Since the state of Oregon started these lottery operations in 1985, and added Keno to it in 1991, it has contributed more than $9 billion towards these social activities for betterment of local citizens and maintenance of state parks.

Online Craps Strategy

Craps Strategy OnlineIs there any game more iconic than craps? The long, green felt table, the rows of numbers, and the stylish text all come to life when they are being stared down by a gambler on a hot streak. The game of craps is a complicated one that relies on luck more than anything. You have to place your bet, blow on the dice, and then let them roll. If your numbers come up, then wham, just like that you’ll be rolling in cash. Let’s take a look at a few simple online craps strategies to help keep the dice rolling and your wallet warm.

Know Your Odds: Pick the right bets!

Did you know that there are about 43 different betting combinations on the craps table? It’s true! Most of them are actually pretty terrible for the beginning gambler or the one who wants to leave with money still in his or her pocket. Because of this, the best strategy you can use when playing craps is to pick the right bets. Avoid hardway bets and proposition bets unless you are feeling really lucky.

Play It Safe: Bet on both ends to prevent loss!

The best way to gamble is when you know you can’t lose! That’s why the “safe play” system was developed. With this strategy, you place your bet on the “don’t pass line.” Now you wait for your shooter to establish the point (or the number that they roll). Once the point is established, you then place an equal bet on the point. Now no matter what happens, you should be looking at least at breaking even, if not making a profit. Sure your upside is capped, but there’s no better feeling than bringing home some cash!

Play Your 6 and 8!

When rolling two pair of dice, you will find that the numbers 6 and 8 are the most likely combination. Because of this, you will obviously have the smallest disadvantage when betting on them. You can place a come out bet on these numbers or simply put your money down for them on the borad. Either way should eventually work out to your advantage. Betting on 6 or 8 will give you a good opportunity to minimize your losses while maximizing your capped potential.

Craps is a wonderful and complicated game. By understanding just a few simple strategies, you will find both your enjoyment and success to be on the rise.

The Best Casinos for Free Play

best casinos for free playLand-based casinos and online casinos try several measures to keep their existing players interested in their card and slot games by giving away freebies like free spins, bonus offers and jackpot prizes. Since online casinos get the most number of casual visitors to the site, offers of free play bonus and welcome bonuses for registration are the only methods they can apply to retain them and excite them enough to try out the games on offer. These bonuses are generally limited to given time period wherein the player has to try out all their free spins or turns.


Free online Slot Games

If you are an online gaming addict and like casino slot machines, the best option for you is to try out online slot options that do not require player to download and install the games. The free play games provide the players with real time thrills of pay and play slot games, which also allow the mind to relax after a rough or boring day at work. Slotzilla has games for players of varied tastes with fruits, animals, strange figures and mysterious symbols depending on the designer’s imagination, which are available in both single player and multiple player options.


Casino UK

The website is not for penny slot players, but for big betters who can wager large amounts on table card games like blackjack, baccarat, craps, and others. The online casino gives players an incredible free play bonus of $3000, which has to be spent within one hour. Since penny slot machines will not serve the purpose players have to move towards virtual card game rooms to try their luck.


Maple Casino

True to the spirit of no deposit casinos, Maple follows the same logic as Casino UK and is now available as a mobile application for smartphones and tablets.


Prestige Casino

This online casino provides players with free offer of $1500 worth bonus to wager at slot games and card games which player has to try out within one hour.


Platinum Play

Regarded as the most generous free play casino, it provides nearly $1500 as bonus to players within the duration of 24 hours. During this period, players have to tryout a wide variety of online slot machines on their website like Dark Knight Rises and others to increase their bonus amount in a progressive manner.


History of Roulette

RouletteTranslated to small wheel, Roulette is a French game that has been around since the 1600s. The game was created by a French math genius, Blaise Pascal. There have been plenty of alterations to roulette over the years, but the basic principles remain the same. It is a game of chance involving a wheel and numbers.

There have been three major versions of roulette over the years. The British, French and Americans have their versions of the game. The British and French versions eventually merged into a European roulette.

The original version of roulette had many differences to the game we see today. When Pascal first developed roulette, it was more attractive for gamblers. There was no house edge and the wheel did not have a 0 or 00. A zero was added to the roulette wheel more than 200 years later, in 1842. It was added by Louis Blanc, another Frenchman.

Pascal is a man who is famous for a lot more than his creation of roulette. Pascal’s triangle is taught to every teenager in the world, along with other complex equations he created or solved.

In terms of roulette, the gambling world certainly owes a debt of gratitude to Pascal. There are so many land casinos and online casinos that feature this iconic game. Whenever you visit a major casino, there is likely to be a small crowd of people around the roulette wheel. The game can be just as fun to play online, especially if you cannot make it to a land casino.

When playing roulette online, it is vital that you choose the right casino. There are so many options on the internet, with new online casinos opening every other day. Pick an online casino with a great bonus structure, a reputable history, good customer service, and ample options for adding and withdrawing your money.

Playing roulette on your smartphone or tablet computer is not something Pascal would have imagined, but his legacy lives on every time someone enjoys this French casino game.

For more information on this story, click here.

Virtual Roulette Declared Illegal


According to the Revenue Commissioners, bookmakers throughout Ireland offering virtual roulette are breaking the law and are risking their license. In an opinion that has been expressed by the regulatory office, bookmakers are offering the game as a form of betting, when virtual roulette is, in fact, gaming.

The difference of opinion lies with how the bets are made. In a bookmaker’s shop that offers virtual roulette, the bets are taken with a slip that is filled out by the customer. Bookmakers claim that a wager taken in this manner represents betting and not gaming; therefore, it falls within their betting license. The Revenue Commissioners disagree, and they believe it still falls under the category of gaming, the same as it would be with regular roulette found in a casino.Roulette Illegal

If bookmakers are found to be violating the law, they could face the loss of their license and face tax issues. Currently, a bookmaker’s license only covers betting and not gaming transactions. In addition, the taxes on gaming are much different. Those who operate under a gaming license owe a 23 percent value added tax while a bookmaker operating under a betting license is only paying a one percent tax on wagers.

The gaming industry, of course, believes that allowing bookmakers to offer virtual roulette places them at a disadvantage in the market. The lower tax rate on betting versus gaming is substantial and gaming companies cannot compete with that. If the Revenue Commissioners do not enforce their interpretation of the laws
, the gaming industry will most likely bring legal actions to stop bookmakers from offering virtual roulette.

Three years ago a British gaming company successfully won a case heard before the European Court of Justice that centered on different tax levels for competitors. The basis for this legal action was a European Directive that states taxes must be applied equally to companies offering the same service to their customers.

At this point, it is not clear whether the bookmaker shops are breaking the law. Those operating virtual roulette games have expressed a clear opinion that they are not while bookmakers not offering the game have remained silent. The legal issue will likely need further clarification from the courts.

You Can Win the Jackpots on Progressive Slots Too

Time and again you may have read about people winning a jackpot of millions of dollars in a slot machine game. They are just lucky, you may think. Well, it is true that slot machine games are purely chance-based and only those who are lucky win the jackpots. However, the winners don’t get lucky by playing just any slot game. They play progressive slots. So here is how they and you too can win jackpots on progressive slots.Jackpots with Progressive Slots

Selection of slot games


  • Now the first and the most obvious thing, to do for a chance to win the progressive jackpot is to select the right kind of slot game to play. You can’t complain about not hitting the jackpot when you have selected a game without one.
  • You need to understand that there are different types of slot machine games offering jackpots. Some offer a few hundred or thousands as prize money, while some offer millions. Progressive slots are the ones that offer millions in grand jackpot prizes to one lucky winner.


Progressive slots combine the earnings on the machine across a chain of casinos and offer the accumulated jackpot money to the player who hits it. So for a chance to win a million dollar jackpot, you should choose progressive slots offering the kind of money you want to win.


Betting on a progressive slot machine

There are certain rules to keep in mind while playing on a progressive slot machine. Progressive jackpots are often massive because they are won on slot machines that are linked together across casinos, either online or offline. Every time a player wagers on the slot, a percentage of the amount spent on each machine is added up to create a jackpot. The casino or game developer offers an initial jackpot amount of $1,000,000 or less and the rest of the amount is added from wagers on each machine. The money is accumulated until the jackpot is won by a player.


Are you wondering, what are your odds of winning that massive prize money? They are as high as 40,000,000 to 1. That means unless you are really lucky, you may not win it. Does that mean you just play blindly, leaving everything to chance? Not really! While there are no strategies to guarantee your win, there are ways to improve your odds of winning, which is what you should do.