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Vegas Mobile Casino To Hold Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament

The Vegas Mobile Casino now offers you the rare opportunity to play the iconic cinematic super spy James Bond for real. You can play Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament when you reach the Grand Finale of the tournament. The premium class casino environment is a part of the experience. It is important if you are a high roller eager to exhibit your Blackjack skills. It is a rare chance to make a large profit as you face off other experienced players in super luxurious surroundings.

Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament

Gibraltar calling

When you play the cards as only you can, there is a thrill of you jetting off to Gibraltar. You will taken to Sunborn Gibraltar Hotel and Casino. You will feel like royalty and dine in the best restaurants. Exclusive wines will be offered for your delight. You will be treated like a VIP. A tour of Gibraltar island is thrown in for good measure. Needless to say, it will be a luxury tour unlike any other. The participation process is simple. You simply have to play Blackjack from October 2 to October 29. You can play through your personal computer or mobile device.


The Vegas Mobile Casino will publish results everyday at noon. It will enable you and the other players to keep track of your performance. The results will help you to make the decision on whether there is a need to improve your playing performance. The culmination of qualifying period will see four finalists. The one finalist with highest net win acquired on any of the Blackjack games during the period of 24 hours will be selected to play in Grand Final. The final is scheduled to be held on November 14. The full package will cost a nominal £1,250.

Mr Greens Unmissable Welcome Offer

Since arriving on to the World Wide Web way back in 2008, Mr Green Casino has been going from insane strength to insane strength. During the six+ years of quality service, Mr Green Casino has offered to patrons all over the world, the site has become known as one of the most quality and reliable services of its kind – which is really saying something if you consider how utterly saturated the modern market is!

The casino, which is registered out of Malta, is often found at the very top of ratings lists all over the world, probably due to the fact that it offers such an unparalleled service to players regardless of where they are based!

Along with the responsibility of being one of the most turned-towards online gaming and wagering platforms comes the need to surpass all competitors when it comes to special offers and bonus schemes. It would seem that this is no skin off Mr Greens nose, as their extensive list of bonuses continues to marvel even the most seasoned of online gamblers – not to mention entice waves of brand new subscribers with each passing day.

Since arriving on to the World Wide Web way back in 2008, Mr Green Casino has been going from insane strength to insane strength.

The current bonus structure at Mr Greens reads as follows:

1st Deposit Bonus: 100% up to €100. Deposit €100 and get a €100 Bonus
2nd Deposit Bonus: 50% up €50. Deposit €100 and get a €50 Bonus
3rd Deposit Bonus: 25% up to €100. Deposit €400 and get a €100 Bonus
4th Deposit Bonus: 125% up to €100. Deposit €80 and get €100 Bonus

However, on top of all this there are a whole range of free spin functions which reward players based on their continued loyalty towards the site. Encapsulated within its aptly named ‘VIP Lounge’, there’s a whole lot to be discovered here. Brings Blackjack and Roulette to Catalogue

Poker Star is a trusted online gambling sourceThe online gambling company PokerStars has for a long time been one of the most trusted and most used sources of online gambling games, and they’ve proven again that they’re dedicated to continuously improving alongside the fast-paced and technology centered world of today with their recent decision to bring both blackjack and roulette to their mobile app catalogue.


What Devices?

In addition to the mobile catalogue, they’ve also made some improvements to the desktop version of their game and have added slots options as well. The new blackjack and roulette games can be found on the app stores for either Android or iOS devices and will bring serious fans of the card game the safety and security that PokerStars has gotten a reputation for.


Blackjack on Mobile Could Introduce the Game to a Ton of New Players

This is great news for the world of gambling, as now players will be able to play wherever and whenever they want. This could also get more people interested in online gambling as the uninitiated will be able to see other people playing the game while they’re out and about. This could potentially bring in a ton of new players who may still need to learn how to play blackjack, which means more opportunities to bet and make money for everyone.

The games will feature a well designed multiplayer system that’ll allow players to easily interact, chat, and become more social with the other people they’re playing with.

This recent upgrade looks as though it’s already proving to be a great move for PokerStars in general, as the new software will be deployed in areas where PokerStars casino games are already available and which represent roughly 50% of the real money player base.

Promoting Keno the Right Way

Keno Power HourJust like other gambling games, it is important to have a solid promotion for keno every few months. Not only will this increase the people that walk through your door, but it can also lure long term customers.

Promotions can be tricky to manage. If the promotion is too generous and does not yield long term customers, you may lose money. Start by deciding the types of players you want to attract. Is this a promotion for regular keno players, or newcomers?

There are different types of keno promotions. Some keep it simple, with a “play five games and get the sixth one free” type of offer. Others are more challenging, but often get the best long term customer retention. For example, the promotion could consist of a two day keno tournament with several prizes and free giveaways.

No matter what kind of promotion you choose, make it easy to understand. Promotions that have a lot of details, fine prints and stipulations are going to confuse your customers. If they come to play keno and realize they misinterpreted the promotion, this could create a negative impression.

Keep in mind that keno promotions need to work from a mathematical point of view. For example, one casino decided to run a video poker promotion for three days. They offered to pay double if you got four of a kinds. This turned into a disaster, with the casino losing millions in revenue.

If you have come up with a promotion idea, run it by someone who is good with maths. They will be able to assess what house edge you are giving up and whether or not this promotion can be profitable. When everything is done correctly, you will be amazed by how many new customers walk through the door.

Online Craps Strategy

Craps Strategy OnlineIs there any game more iconic than craps? The long, green felt table, the rows of numbers, and the stylish text all come to life when they are being stared down by a gambler on a hot streak. The game of craps is a complicated one that relies on luck more than anything. You have to place your bet, blow on the dice, and then let them roll. If your numbers come up, then wham, just like that you’ll be rolling in cash. Let’s take a look at a few simple online craps strategies to help keep the dice rolling and your wallet warm.

Know Your Odds: Pick the right bets!

Did you know that there are about 43 different betting combinations on the craps table? It’s true! Most of them are actually pretty terrible for the beginning gambler or the one who wants to leave with money still in his or her pocket. Because of this, the best strategy you can use when playing craps is to pick the right bets. Avoid hardway bets and proposition bets unless you are feeling really lucky.

Play It Safe: Bet on both ends to prevent loss!

The best way to gamble is when you know you can’t lose! That’s why the “safe play” system was developed. With this strategy, you place your bet on the “don’t pass line.” Now you wait for your shooter to establish the point (or the number that they roll). Once the point is established, you then place an equal bet on the point. Now no matter what happens, you should be looking at least at breaking even, if not making a profit. Sure your upside is capped, but there’s no better feeling than bringing home some cash!

Play Your 6 and 8!

When rolling two pair of dice, you will find that the numbers 6 and 8 are the most likely combination. Because of this, you will obviously have the smallest disadvantage when betting on them. You can place a come out bet on these numbers or simply put your money down for them on the borad. Either way should eventually work out to your advantage. Betting on 6 or 8 will give you a good opportunity to minimize your losses while maximizing your capped potential.

Craps is a wonderful and complicated game. By understanding just a few simple strategies, you will find both your enjoyment and success to be on the rise.

History of Roulette

RouletteTranslated to small wheel, Roulette is a French game that has been around since the 1600s. The game was created by a French math genius, Blaise Pascal. There have been plenty of alterations to roulette over the years, but the basic principles remain the same. It is a game of chance involving a wheel and numbers.

There have been three major versions of roulette over the years. The British, French and Americans have their versions of the game. The British and French versions eventually merged into a European roulette.

The original version of roulette had many differences to the game we see today. When Pascal first developed roulette, it was more attractive for gamblers. There was no house edge and the wheel did not have a 0 or 00. A zero was added to the roulette wheel more than 200 years later, in 1842. It was added by Louis Blanc, another Frenchman.

Pascal is a man who is famous for a lot more than his creation of roulette. Pascal’s triangle is taught to every teenager in the world, along with other complex equations he created or solved.

In terms of roulette, the gambling world certainly owes a debt of gratitude to Pascal. There are so many land casinos and online casinos that feature this iconic game. Whenever you visit a major casino, there is likely to be a small crowd of people around the roulette wheel. The game can be just as fun to play online, especially if you cannot make it to a land casino.

When playing roulette online, it is vital that you choose the right casino. There are so many options on the internet, with new online casinos opening every other day. Pick an online casino with a great bonus structure, a reputable history, good customer service, and ample options for adding and withdrawing your money.

Playing roulette on your smartphone or tablet computer is not something Pascal would have imagined, but his legacy lives on every time someone enjoys this French casino game.

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Atari Looking for Rebirth with the Help of Mobile Gaming


While Atari is more familiar as a source of nostalgia than as a current leader in the world of technology, the company is looking to change this and reestablish itself as a top company in the world of gaming. Atari’s newest CEO- Fred Chesnais- is hoping to turn things around for the 42 year old Atari brand by giving the company a complete overall in the wake of bankruptcy proceedings that took place in 2013.Atari mobile gaming

Online gamblers will not doubt be interested to know that One of Chesnais major plans for revamping Atari is getting into mobile gambling. While gambling for actual money is currently illegal in the United States, Chesnais has recognized that the market for online gambling is nevertheless showing enormous level of growth abroad, particularly in Europe. Research firm Juniper Research has within the past few weeks postulated that there should be some 164 million people using online and mobile gambling platforms by the year 2018.

Because online gambling is an area in which Atari is inexperienced, the company has seen fit two partner with two different new gaming companies that already have some experiences under their belts in terms of online gambling. Atari will be working with FlorPlay and Pariplay to both establish a social online casino that will be known as “Atari Casino” and to build another online casino of the same name that will allow gamblers to play with actual money. Many see the move to take advantage of the growth of online gambling as a smart idea. Chesnais has noted that creating online gambling opportunities will help Atari to reach out to new customers.

Online gambling is not the only iron on the fire that the Atari CEO Fred Chesnais has in store. Another big upcoming project is Atari TV, which will offer original and online video content that could be posted to sites like YouTube.

European Poker Stars Confront Cyber Crime


JenKyllönenEuropean poker stars have gotten a unique perspective on cybertheft. It began when European Poker Tour player Jen Kyllönen became suspicious that he was the victim of a cybercrime. It developed that both Kyllonen and fellow tour member Henri Jaakkola were victims.

It began when Kyllonen discovered his laptop missing from his hotel room. After a frantic search, the device was mysteriously returned. It turns out this seemingly good deed had a twist: Kyllonen’s laptop had been infected with a trojan. Trojans are viruses that allow outside access to a person’s computer, allowing others to view the laptop screen and track all activities on the computer.

Cyber-security specialists at F Secure in Helsinki Finland confirmed the malicious attack. According to F Secure experts, the stolen computers had Remote Access Trojan installed, which would reveal the poker players’ cards whenever they played online.

In Kyllonen’s case, the thieves were especially persistent. After their first attempt to load the trojan failed, the computer vanished again, and apparently reinstalled. In fact, it was the continued laptop vanishing acts that fired Kyllonen’s suspicions.

Kyllonen was staying at a hotel during the Barcelona poker tour event when the theft and return occurred. Kyllonen returned to his room to find his laptop missing. This was of great concern to him, since he both uses the laptop to play online and to store his playing records. After a thorough search Kyllonen left his room to see if anyone had borrowed the laptop. When he returned, the computer was back in his room.

The first trojan attempt apparently failed, however, as Kyllonen could not boot the computer. While he was reporting this to hotel staff, the computer disappeared again. And once more, it was returned. This time, it seemed to function normally, but Kyllonen was convinced this was more than a prank, and sought help from security specialists.

Given the large dollar amounts that most professional players wager, it seems possible that the thieves could have massive sums if their plans had worked. As it is, poker players now need to be more on guard than ever, in order to protect their laptops and their bankrolls.

Facebook Takes a Gamble on Paddy Power

Ask any risk taker what the next best thing about gambling is other than winning the pot and they’ll tell you it’s the social aspect of the game.  From World Series players to weekly, cigar-chomping meetings of old college friends to sitting shoulder to shoulder at the track, gambling certainly is a social activity—it always has been and always will.  That’s why it makes sense that the king of social media, Facebook, is finally getting dealt in.


First Real Gambling App on Facebook

Facebook’s foray into the world of gambling is hedging its bets on the luck of the Irish.  The Paddy Power Bookmaker Sports app is set to launch and comes from Irish roots.  The app is called Paddy Power In-Play! and allows users to bet and win real money.  The bookmaking app is specifically geared towards sports betting, but what it means for online gambling in the long run is far more important.

This release provides a stepping stone for other apps to take foothold of.  It’s expected that this foundation will supply the means by which other betting companies and businesses build their online social empire.

Currently, Paddy Power In-Play! is being test-run in the United Kingdom, a market that was specifically chosen by the makers of the Paddy Power app for the trial launch.  This is because laws and regulations on gambling are much more lax in the UK as compared to the United States and most of Europe.

Tapping into the Market of the Future

The hopes here is that by launching the app in England, the results will be better than in a country with stricter gambling laws and regulations.  This success should pave the way for the app to be launched in larger gambling markets like the US and Europe.  Overall, the movement towards online gambling is already set in motion and this marks a new high water mark in the effort.

Of course, this isn’t Facebook’s maiden voyage with gambling apps—only its first attempt with real money involved.  Facebook took some heat one year ago when they introduced virtual currency that let users—even young users—gamble on apps.  Of course, you actually paid for these virtual money chips, but there were no winnings that actually paid out—until now.

Always Bet on 18

Still, this isn’t the Wild West and online casinos must uphold the strong age regulations that brick and mortar casinos are subject to.  This means that the Paddy Power app will have strict checks and guidelines to ensure that anyone playing along at home is definitely over the age of 18.