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Atari Looking for Rebirth with the Help of Mobile Gaming


While Atari is more familiar as a source of nostalgia than as a current leader in the world of technology, the company is looking to change this and reestablish itself as a top company in the world of gaming. Atari’s newest CEO- Fred Chesnais- is hoping to turn things around for the 42 year old Atari brand by giving the company a complete overall in the wake of bankruptcy proceedings that took place in 2013.Atari mobile gaming

Online gamblers will not doubt be interested to know that One of Chesnais major plans for revamping Atari is getting into mobile gambling. While gambling for actual money is currently illegal in the United States, Chesnais has recognized that the market for online gambling is nevertheless showing enormous level of growth abroad, particularly in Europe. Research firm Juniper Research has within the past few weeks postulated that there should be some 164 million people using online and mobile gambling platforms by the year 2018.

Because online gambling is an area in which Atari is inexperienced, the company has seen fit two partner with two different new gaming companies that already have some experiences under their belts in terms of online gambling. Atari will be working with FlorPlay and Pariplay to both establish a social online casino that will be known as “Atari Casino” and to build another online casino of the same name that will allow gamblers to play with actual money. Many see the move to take advantage of the growth of online gambling as a smart idea. Chesnais has noted that creating online gambling opportunities will help Atari to reach out to new customers.

Online gambling is not the only iron on the fire that the Atari CEO Fred Chesnais has in store. Another big upcoming project is Atari TV, which will offer original and online video content that could be posted to sites like YouTube.