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Gaming Commission of New York To Confirm New Licenses

Run down casinoThe New York Gaming Commission’s Board has confirmed that even after three hours of continuous deliberation during their recent meeting on November 10, they have been unable to take any decision about finalizing gambling licenses for three regions in New York. The five member board has now scheduled another meeting in which they will examine bids given by gaming companies. Only after detailed study of their offerings and discussions among board members the names of successful bidders will be announced in a press meeting. Though there had been a similar meeting to discuss these issues a few weeks ago it was inconclusive for same reasons as members felt that they need more time to scrutinize application details.

What’s in store?

The venue of the forthcoming meeting for the five member team of Gaming Facility Location Board has not been finalized as yet. The board is presently examining 16 bids which have been presented by 15 bidding teams which are competing for four casino licenses in New York State. www.cdncasino.ca could be one of those casinos but for now we can only speculate because the board is remaining very tight-lipped. As the board had earlier announced that there will no casinos will be located close to cities these licenses will allow casino operators to set up their businesses in Albany, Hudson Valley/Catskills mountain area, a gambling strip between Bingham and Lake Ontario and in the south at Tien/Finger lakes region. Though no formal announcement has been made word is out that since all these areas are quite widespread any one area will be granted two licenses.

Names coming up

Some of the names of bidders for the licenses have already been announced like Empire Resort which is making a bid for revival of Concord Hotel resort in Catskills and Caesars Entertainment which is bidding for Woodbury Common Premium Outlets located in the north of New York City. Some lesser known names have announced partnership bids like Saratoga Casino and Raceway which is bidding for Newburg in partnership with Rush Street Gaming. The top names are bidding for Catskills region as it is closest to New York and the latest bidder for that area is Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority, which has collaborated with Louis Cappelli to develop a resort in Thompson.

Online Craps Strategy

Craps Strategy OnlineIs there any game more iconic than craps? The long, green felt table, the rows of numbers, and the stylish text all come to life when they are being stared down by a gambler on a hot streak. The game of craps is a complicated one that relies on luck more than anything. You have to place your bet, blow on the dice, and then let them roll. If your numbers come up, then wham, just like that you’ll be rolling in cash. Let’s take a look at a few simple online craps strategies to help keep the dice rolling and your wallet warm.

Know Your Odds: Pick the right bets!

Did you know that there are about 43 different betting combinations on the craps table? It’s true! Most of them are actually pretty terrible for the beginning gambler or the one who wants to leave with money still in his or her pocket. Because of this, the best strategy you can use when playing craps is to pick the right bets. Avoid hardway bets and proposition bets unless you are feeling really lucky.

Play It Safe: Bet on both ends to prevent loss!

The best way to gamble is when you know you can’t lose! That’s why the “safe play” system was developed. With this strategy, you place your bet on the “don’t pass line.” Now you wait for your shooter to establish the point (or the number that they roll). Once the point is established, you then place an equal bet on the point. Now no matter what happens, you should be looking at least at breaking even, if not making a profit. Sure your upside is capped, but there’s no better feeling than bringing home some cash!

Play Your 6 and 8!

When rolling two pair of dice, you will find that the numbers 6 and 8 are the most likely combination. Because of this, you will obviously have the smallest disadvantage when betting on them. You can place a come out bet on these numbers or simply put your money down for them on the borad. Either way should eventually work out to your advantage. Betting on 6 or 8 will give you a good opportunity to minimize your losses while maximizing your capped potential.

Craps is a wonderful and complicated game. By understanding just a few simple strategies, you will find both your enjoyment and success to be on the rise.

Atari Looking for Rebirth with the Help of Mobile Gaming


While Atari is more familiar as a source of nostalgia than as a current leader in the world of technology, the company is looking to change this and reestablish itself as a top company in the world of gaming. Atari’s newest CEO- Fred Chesnais- is hoping to turn things around for the 42 year old Atari brand by giving the company a complete overall in the wake of bankruptcy proceedings that took place in 2013.Atari mobile gaming

Online gamblers will not doubt be interested to know that One of Chesnais major plans for revamping Atari is getting into mobile gambling. While gambling for actual money is currently illegal in the United States, Chesnais has recognized that the market for online gambling is nevertheless showing enormous level of growth abroad, particularly in Europe. Research firm Juniper Research has within the past few weeks postulated that there should be some 164 million people using online and mobile gambling platforms by the year 2018.

Because online gambling is an area in which Atari is inexperienced, the company has seen fit two partner with two different new gaming companies that already have some experiences under their belts in terms of online gambling. Atari will be working with FlorPlay and Pariplay to both establish a social online casino that will be known as “Atari Casino” and to build another online casino of the same name that will allow gamblers to play with actual money. Many see the move to take advantage of the growth of online gambling as a smart idea. Chesnais has noted that creating online gambling opportunities will help Atari to reach out to new customers.

Online gambling is not the only iron on the fire that the Atari CEO Fred Chesnais has in store. Another big upcoming project is Atari TV, which will offer original and online video content that could be posted to sites like YouTube.

Online Casinos Taken Offline By Explosion


When the British territory of Gibraltar was rocked by a recent fuel tank explosion, the effects were felt by many of the top online bookmakers in Europe. Gibraltar has long been home to many online bookmakers due to their favorable laws for the industry and the availability of workers. When the tank exploded at approximately 1:00 p.m. local time, many of the adjacent areas experienced power outages. While the explosion was under investigation, local police had not ruled out foul play.

During the Easter weekend which is traditionally one of their busiest weekends of the year, at least three well known European bookmakers were forced offline when the explosion set fire to their office building and took down all network and communication connections. Apparently, many of the top online bookmakers are housed in the same location. Reports began coming out that William Hill, Ladbrokes and Betfred were all forced to take down their system. For several of the bookmakers, the outage lasted into the evening. The good news is there were no injuries reported amongst those staff members employed by the bookmakers.

Online casinosAll three companies were quick to issue statements to their customers apologizing for the inconvenience. They also told their clients they were aware of the problem and were working hard to address the issues and would have the system back up just as soon as possible. Ladrokes went on to assure customers that their personal information had not been compromised by the local disaster.

This could not have happened at a worse time for these online bookmakers. Many of the companies are experiencing issues with the U.K. regarding taxes and point of consumption taxes. Losing business over a busy weekend is not what they needed to turn around the misfortunes.

The effects will also be felt in the local economy if there are any lasting effects to the explosion or power outage. The online casinos provide a large portion of the area’s employment. While there are about 26 major online bookmakers located in Gibraltar, the only one to have reported little or no interruption was BetVictor who may have had their own emergency generator.

The UK is Rolling Out New Online Gambling Regulations

Online gamblingThe government is always going to stick its fingers into the mix when money is involved and the world of online gambling is no different. In the British Isles, the government is moving forward to initiate new regulations for online gambling establishments based in the UK. It all boils down to taxes. Revenue is essential for governing bodies and an attempt is being made to gain jurisdictional control. The online gambling establishment is not pleased with the proposed changes.
Make Way for the Gambling Licensing and Advertising Bill
The new legislation has been passed by the House of Commons. In essence, the bill means more money for the government.Any online casino or gambling establishment that is based in the UK will be required to obtain a license that will be provided courtesy of the UK Gambling Commission. However, it should be noted that the bill still needs to make its way through the House of Lords in order to take effect by May of 2014. Online gambling operators have high hopes that evidence will be produced in opposition to the proposed legislation.

The Remote Gambling Association Says the Stakes are Too High
Should the bill be passed, a fifteen percent consumption tax would be imposed. The Remote Gambling Association believes this amount is too much of a burden and is negotiating for a ten percent consumption tax. The government’s response has not been favorable, stating the tax should be established for a one year trial period. Modifications could be made after that point if deemed necessary. Members of the Remote Gambling Association fear that the new taxes will have such a detrimental impact that online gambling establishments will not be able to remain in business. Time will only tell as to the final outcome. Industry insiders believe gamblers and online casinos will find a way around the new regulations, blocking the governments efforts to raise revenue. A spirit of cooperation would be more beneficial for all parties involved in order to come to an acceptable agreement on both sides of the table.