Generous Keno Winner Shares Prize Money with Employer

When Valerie Ballantyne gave Keno 8-Spot tickets to her employees as a gesture of goodwill for working during Rose Bowl game, little did she think that it would win her $ 30000. As the owner of Hitchin’ Post Pizza in Estacada, Valerie had plenty of orders to delivery on the Rose Bowl match day and requested her staff to work. When four of them complied, including bar manager Jonathon Davis, she bought Keno tickets for all of them and jokingly stated that they would have to split the prize with her if any of them won the jackpot.


Keno 8-Spot tickets


 Lucky employer

During the first week of Jan 2015 when Keno results were being announced Jonathan Davis was surprised to see his ticket’s numbers appearing as the winning combination for the jackpot. As promised, he shared the prize amount with his employer as she had bought the ticket. The Oregon-based Keno tickets selling branch announced that both Davis and Ballantyne took home around $30000 each after payment of taxes. Though her employees were a little sceptical of winning anything, Valerie Ballantyne was enthusiastic and had a feeling that he would win.


Keno 8-Spot lottery

When asked about how both of them plan to spend the money, Jonathan proudly replied that he would be buying a long due Playstation 4 for himself and family while Valerie demurely stated that the money would go into business. In the Keno 8-Spot lottery, players know their prize amount only when they collect it, as jackpot bonus grows with each draw until a winner is announced. Oregon Lottery proceeds are used for social activities like economic development, and funding educational projects. Since the state of Oregon started these lottery operations in 1985, and added Keno to it in 1991, it has contributed more than $9 billion towards these social activities for betterment of local citizens and maintenance of state parks.