Vegas Mobile Casino To Hold Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament

The Vegas Mobile Casino now offers you the rare opportunity to play the iconic cinematic super spy James Bond for real. You can play Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament when you reach the Grand Finale of the tournament. The premium class casino environment is a part of the experience. It is important if you are a high roller eager to exhibit your Blackjack skills. It is a rare chance to make a large profit as you face off other experienced players in super luxurious surroundings.

Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament

Gibraltar calling

When you play the cards as only you can, there is a thrill of you jetting off to Gibraltar. You will taken to Sunborn Gibraltar Hotel and Casino. You will feel like royalty and dine in the best restaurants. Exclusive wines will be offered for your delight. You will be treated like a VIP. A tour of Gibraltar island is thrown in for good measure. Needless to say, it will be a luxury tour unlike any other. The participation process is simple. You simply have to play Blackjack from October 2 to October 29. You can play through your personal computer or mobile device.


The Vegas Mobile Casino will publish results everyday at noon. It will enable you and the other players to keep track of your performance. The results will help you to make the decision on whether there is a need to improve your playing performance. The culmination of qualifying period will see four finalists. The one finalist with highest net win acquired on any of the Blackjack games during the period of 24 hours will be selected to play in Grand Final. The final is scheduled to be held on November 14. The full package will cost a nominal £1,250.

London Based Nektan Acquires Gambling License for Ireland

Nektan LondonCEO of Nektan, David Gosen recently announced that his firm had made a request to provide remote betting facilities to Irish residents, and the request has been accepted. Gibraltar based Nektan Plc has obtained this license to comply with new betting regulations of Ireland that have been enforced since August 2015. Obtaining this license is a part of Nektan’s long term expansion plans as it was among the earliest gaming firms to set shop in Ireland and has grown its operations and invested a sizable amount since then.

New amendment in Ireland’s betting laws

According to recent amendment of 2015 made in Ireland’s gaming laws several changes have been made in regulations surrounding grant of gambling and betting licenses to private operators within the nation and those operating from remote locations that accept Irish betters. To ensure that its citizens are not fleeced by offshore gambling firms, Ireland’s gambling regulation authority has made it mandatory for all betting and gambling firms accepting bets from Irish citizens to obtain license by August 2015, failing which they will not be able to operate in the nation. Nektan has also admitted £ 10,000,000 series A of Fixed Rate Secured Convertible Loan Notes for 2020 to List of Channel Islands Securities Exchange Authority which has been sponsored by Hatstone Listing Services Limited.

Nektan’s Financial Performance

During June of 2015, Nektan’s spokesperson stated that it will present its financial results for the year in September as its financial year ended on June 30th. Nektan also stated that the gaming revenue of Nextan after tax is likely to be around £0.5 million while actual revenue from money based gaming will be £ 0.2 million after adjustment of EBITDA losses of around £ 5.5 million. Nektan is a Gibraltar registered gaming firm that is regulated by Gambling Commission of UK that develops content for mobile gaming and offers customers an trendy gaming platform called Evolve.

Have you Heard yet? Casino Bonuses have just got Fatter!

For years, to attract new players and help the gamers sitting on the fence make up their minds, online casinos have used bonuses as the most effective tool. These casino bonuses are meant to help players get going in the gaming ensemble, allowing them some added cash to play with till they are able to find their feet.

bigger casino bonuses

These bonuses serve two purposes. The first and the foremost goal is to facilitate the user experience, especially for the new gamers. The second purpose, more of a business tactic, is to get new users engaged through goodwill. It’s a common practice in online gambling to offer bonuses up to 100% and sometimes even 200% of the loading amount.

Here are some of the best bonus offers by reputed online casinos.

Club 777

Operated by famous Mansion Casinos, Club 777 is a leading provider of live tables and live roulette gaming services, among other. Presently, Club 777 offers a flat 100% bonus for all registrants from Europe. Also, there are referral bonuses leading up to 150% for the referrer and 100% for the referred. The minimum wager amount for this bonus is €150.

Winner Casino

Operating throughout Europe and Canada, Winner Online Casino is a leading online casino brand that complements the offline establishments under the same name. With a new account registration from Canada or Europe, a bonus of flat €50 is added to the user’s account (minimum loading amount being €40). You can also get up to 200% bonuses if any one of your five initial loading amounts exceeds €300.

Mr Greens Unmissable Welcome Offer

Since arriving on to the World Wide Web way back in 2008, Mr Green Casino has been going from insane strength to insane strength. During the six+ years of quality service, Mr Green Casino has offered to patrons all over the world, the site has become known as one of the most quality and reliable services of its kind – which is really saying something if you consider how utterly saturated the modern market is!

The casino, which is registered out of Malta, is often found at the very top of ratings lists all over the world, probably due to the fact that it offers such an unparalleled service to players regardless of where they are based!

Along with the responsibility of being one of the most turned-towards online gaming and wagering platforms comes the need to surpass all competitors when it comes to special offers and bonus schemes. It would seem that this is no skin off Mr Greens nose, as their extensive list of bonuses continues to marvel even the most seasoned of online gamblers – not to mention entice waves of brand new subscribers with each passing day.

Since arriving on to the World Wide Web way back in 2008, Mr Green Casino has been going from insane strength to insane strength.

The current bonus structure at Mr Greens reads as follows:

1st Deposit Bonus: 100% up to €100. Deposit €100 and get a €100 Bonus
2nd Deposit Bonus: 50% up €50. Deposit €100 and get a €50 Bonus
3rd Deposit Bonus: 25% up to €100. Deposit €400 and get a €100 Bonus
4th Deposit Bonus: 125% up to €100. Deposit €80 and get €100 Bonus

However, on top of all this there are a whole range of free spin functions which reward players based on their continued loyalty towards the site. Encapsulated within its aptly named ‘VIP Lounge’, there’s a whole lot to be discovered here.

Prowling Panther Slot Review

Game creator IGT is recognized for making jungle-themed slot games for its fans and the company has maintained its reputation with its Prowling Panther game. This latest addition to its feline-themed slot games – which include Siberian Storms, Kitty Glitter and Cats – is more elegant and mysterious than the others. The big black and golden panthers are hidden in the green jungle with other creatures of the wild like parrots and toucans and appear along with symbols like A, Q, J, K and 10 across five reels. IGT has designed its beautiful wild jungle slot game Prowling Panther in an exciting way as players get multipliers on different reels that are represented as 2X symbol with plenty of opportunity hidden in the wilderness.

Prowling Panther Slot

Finding winning combination at Wild Panther Slot

Since this game is also available as live slots on casinos and is very popular, it prompted its creator to create an online version of it so people could play for free or for real money which gives them 720 winning combinations through Multiway Xtra feature. While numbers like 3, 4, 5 keep the winning low at few dollars while additional multipliers with diamond shaped reels gives players the chance to play more and win more.

Free spins and jackpots

Though the base game has some impressive amounts which can be won by 55x and even 120x the free slots are the ones which give big amounts. To get 8 free spins you have to get five golden panthers on subsequent reels which when combined with lucky symbols can get you more free spins. The best advantage you will have with prowling panther is that it pays both ways and players can make several winning combinations. The game allows penny bets and you can win by even placing a bet of $0.50 per spin or lay a maximum bet of $1500. Its base jackpot offers winners around 50,000 coins while free spins allow players to earn much more. Brings Blackjack and Roulette to Catalogue

Poker Star is a trusted online gambling sourceThe online gambling company PokerStars has for a long time been one of the most trusted and most used sources of online gambling games, and they’ve proven again that they’re dedicated to continuously improving alongside the fast-paced and technology centered world of today with their recent decision to bring both blackjack and roulette to their mobile app catalogue.


What Devices?

In addition to the mobile catalogue, they’ve also made some improvements to the desktop version of their game and have added slots options as well. The new blackjack and roulette games can be found on the app stores for either Android or iOS devices and will bring serious fans of the card game the safety and security that PokerStars has gotten a reputation for.


Blackjack on Mobile Could Introduce the Game to a Ton of New Players

This is great news for the world of gambling, as now players will be able to play wherever and whenever they want. This could also get more people interested in online gambling as the uninitiated will be able to see other people playing the game while they’re out and about. This could potentially bring in a ton of new players who may still need to learn how to play blackjack, which means more opportunities to bet and make money for everyone.

The games will feature a well designed multiplayer system that’ll allow players to easily interact, chat, and become more social with the other people they’re playing with.

This recent upgrade looks as though it’s already proving to be a great move for PokerStars in general, as the new software will be deployed in areas where PokerStars casino games are already available and which represent roughly 50% of the real money player base.

IRS Proposes Lower Tax Deduction from Gambling

IRS to lower tax deduction from gamblingTo reduce casual gambling, which can slowly turn into a habit and addiction, the IRS has proposed to lower the amount that would trigger tax on income earned from gambling. While earlier the minimum amount for taxes was at $1200 now it will be at $600 and winner has to report it on W2G, which has to be included in their annual tax returns. Previous limit of $1200 on wins from video poker and slots was set up by IRS in 1977, and since then it has not been reviewed. As the value of $ 1200 is now $ 4627 the IRS has proposed this change which makes it burdensome on both casinos and players.


Effect on players of slots and video poker

This will be detrimental to $1 slot machines as these require several coins for the three bonus jackpot to come through and any wild pays above $600 would trigger a tax form. With larger reel slots of five or ten would become worse and player would have to stop the game in between spins to file a form if they are moving forward on progressive wins. As for video poker player a royal flush on $.25, game which may bring on a win with games like Deuces Wild, Joker Poker or even Double Bonus would have to be reported.


Opposition from gaming industry

Casinos across Vegas, Florida, New Jersey and other locations that thrive on slot casinos are protesting against this law. Besides filling up the tiresome tax form, now the casinos will have to employ people and machines to keep track of players’ activities and hand out tax forms when required. The technical aspect will also bring in lesser tourists as they would not like to go through tax process. This limit of $600 on both video and slots has increased the paperwork required from each customer in the casino. Casinos in United States fear that if this continues than people from Canada will stop coming to United States to play these games and locals might travel to Vancouver for gambling.

Generous Keno Winner Shares Prize Money with Employer

When Valerie Ballantyne gave Keno 8-Spot tickets to her employees as a gesture of goodwill for working during Rose Bowl game, little did she think that it would win her $ 30000. As the owner of Hitchin’ Post Pizza in Estacada, Valerie had plenty of orders to delivery on the Rose Bowl match day and requested her staff to work. When four of them complied, including bar manager Jonathon Davis, she bought Keno tickets for all of them and jokingly stated that they would have to split the prize with her if any of them won the jackpot.


Keno 8-Spot tickets


 Lucky employer

During the first week of Jan 2015 when Keno results were being announced Jonathan Davis was surprised to see his ticket’s numbers appearing as the winning combination for the jackpot. As promised, he shared the prize amount with his employer as she had bought the ticket. The Oregon-based Keno tickets selling branch announced that both Davis and Ballantyne took home around $30000 each after payment of taxes. Though her employees were a little sceptical of winning anything, Valerie Ballantyne was enthusiastic and had a feeling that he would win.


Keno 8-Spot lottery

When asked about how both of them plan to spend the money, Jonathan proudly replied that he would be buying a long due Playstation 4 for himself and family while Valerie demurely stated that the money would go into business. In the Keno 8-Spot lottery, players know their prize amount only when they collect it, as jackpot bonus grows with each draw until a winner is announced. Oregon Lottery proceeds are used for social activities like economic development, and funding educational projects. Since the state of Oregon started these lottery operations in 1985, and added Keno to it in 1991, it has contributed more than $9 billion towards these social activities for betterment of local citizens and maintenance of state parks.

Promoting Keno the Right Way

Keno Power HourJust like other gambling games, it is important to have a solid promotion for keno every few months. Not only will this increase the people that walk through your door, but it can also lure long term customers.

Promotions can be tricky to manage. If the promotion is too generous and does not yield long term customers, you may lose money. Start by deciding the types of players you want to attract. Is this a promotion for regular keno players, or newcomers?

There are different types of keno promotions. Some keep it simple, with a “play five games and get the sixth one free” type of offer. Others are more challenging, but often get the best long term customer retention. For example, the promotion could consist of a two day keno tournament with several prizes and free giveaways.

No matter what kind of promotion you choose, make it easy to understand. Promotions that have a lot of details, fine prints and stipulations are going to confuse your customers. If they come to play keno and realize they misinterpreted the promotion, this could create a negative impression.

Keep in mind that keno promotions need to work from a mathematical point of view. For example, one casino decided to run a video poker promotion for three days. They offered to pay double if you got four of a kinds. This turned into a disaster, with the casino losing millions in revenue.

If you have come up with a promotion idea, run it by someone who is good with maths. They will be able to assess what house edge you are giving up and whether or not this promotion can be profitable. When everything is done correctly, you will be amazed by how many new customers walk through the door.

Gaming Commission of New York To Confirm New Licenses

Run down casinoThe New York Gaming Commission’s Board has confirmed that even after three hours of continuous deliberation during their recent meeting on November 10, they have been unable to take any decision about finalizing gambling licenses for three regions in New York. The five member board has now scheduled another meeting in which they will examine bids given by gaming companies. Only after detailed study of their offerings and discussions among board members the names of successful bidders will be announced in a press meeting. Though there had been a similar meeting to discuss these issues a few weeks ago it was inconclusive for same reasons as members felt that they need more time to scrutinize application details.

What’s in store?

The venue of the forthcoming meeting for the five member team of Gaming Facility Location Board has not been finalized as yet. The board is presently examining 16 bids which have been presented by 15 bidding teams which are competing for four casino licenses in New York State. could be one of those casinos but for now we can only speculate because the board is remaining very tight-lipped. As the board had earlier announced that there will no casinos will be located close to cities these licenses will allow casino operators to set up their businesses in Albany, Hudson Valley/Catskills mountain area, a gambling strip between Bingham and Lake Ontario and in the south at Tien/Finger lakes region. Though no formal announcement has been made word is out that since all these areas are quite widespread any one area will be granted two licenses.

Names coming up

Some of the names of bidders for the licenses have already been announced like Empire Resort which is making a bid for revival of Concord Hotel resort in Catskills and Caesars Entertainment which is bidding for Woodbury Common Premium Outlets located in the north of New York City. Some lesser known names have announced partnership bids like Saratoga Casino and Raceway which is bidding for Newburg in partnership with Rush Street Gaming. The top names are bidding for Catskills region as it is closest to New York and the latest bidder for that area is Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority, which has collaborated with Louis Cappelli to develop a resort in Thompson.