Vegas Mobile Casino To Hold Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament

The Vegas Mobile Casino now offers you the rare opportunity to play the iconic cinematic super spy James Bond for real. You can play Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament when you reach the Grand Finale of the tournament. The premium class casino environment is a part of the experience. It is important if you are a high roller eager to exhibit your Blackjack skills. It is a rare chance to make a large profit as you face off other experienced players in super luxurious surroundings.

Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament

Gibraltar calling

When you play the cards as only you can, there is a thrill of you jetting off to Gibraltar. You will taken to Sunborn Gibraltar Hotel and Casino. You will feel like royalty and dine in the best restaurants. Exclusive wines will be offered for your delight. You will be treated like a VIP. A tour of Gibraltar island is thrown in for good measure. Needless to say, it will be a luxury tour unlike any other. The participation process is simple. You simply have to play Blackjack from October 2 to October 29. You can play through your personal computer or mobile device.


The Vegas Mobile Casino will publish results everyday at noon. It will enable you and the other players to keep track of your performance. The results will help you to make the decision on whether there is a need to improve your playing performance. The culmination of qualifying period will see four finalists. The one finalist with highest net win acquired on any of the Blackjack games during the period of 24 hours will be selected to play in Grand Final. The final is scheduled to be held on November 14. The full package will cost a nominal £1,250.