Poker is ranked at number two on our count down only because it needs time and practice (like Craps), in order to grasp the games’ concepts and strategies. Out of all the games, Poker has some of the best strategies that can encourage some of the greatest wins a player can experience. If you watch some of Pokers greatest players, like Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan, they probably do so well in Poker because they have mastered its strategies, especially Bluffing.

Bluffing is a strategy used in Poker, where by the player will act as though s/he is on a loosing streak to encourage the other players to go all in with their bets, as they will be tricked into believing they have the best hand. The player who is Bluffing will display uneasiness through facial expressions, fidgeting and general nervousness.

This is the most popular game for professional gamblers because the World Series of Poker (WSOP) is held annually and the best of the best Poker players can make millions of Dollars and acquire much prestige and fame for their wins at the WSOP.

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